About Me

Hi! My name is Christina. I live in Phoenix with my husband and 4 beautiful children. We are a homeschooling, self employed family. We often find ourselves taking a more unconventional approach to life and it’s obstacles. We are loud, loving, connected and perfectly imperfect.

I started this blog to give readers a gimps of homeschool life and to encourage those who considering homeschool as an option for their family. I wanted document our adventures in homeschooling and the lessons we learn along the way. Home and family life often mix with homeschooling; but I also wanted to write about family because it’s the center of my entire universe. I am always encountering new situations to navigate through and I’d love share what I’ve learned but more importantly, I want to learn from my readers.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you like what you see. It’s a work in progress so stick around and comment. Let’s start a community!